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National D-Day Memorial, Bedford, Va.
My beautiful mother, Mollie H. Whaley, sits beside the Reflecting Pool following dedication services at The National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Va. Thanks, Mom, for running through the rain with me that day just to buy a T-shirt and hat! I love you!


"The great enemies of that era have vanished. And it is one of history's remarkable turns that so many young men from the new world would cross the sea to help liberate the old.

"Beyond the peaceful beaches and quiet cemeteries lies a Europe whole and free — a continent of democratic governments and people more free and hopeful than ever before. This freedom and these hopes are what the heroes of D-Day fought and died for. And these, in the end, are the greatest monuments of all to the sacrifices made that day. [ speech continued . . . ]

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596th Signal Support Co., 97th Signal Battalion
47th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division
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